Andi Reti is a Los Angeles based artist exploring the process and
techniques of glass and metal, microscopes and microfauna, books and
sleep, websites and browsing and many many many other exciting and
intriguing things.

Originally from the East Coast, she developed an early love of alchemy
in the basement laboratory of her metallurgist Dad. Getting her feet
wet early on metalcasting twigs and dead insects foraged from her Mom’s
sprawling garden lead to more ardent metal working pursuits. Once
glass was haphazardly introduced love struck!

Glass morphs into a liquid pool of pure color unsurpassed by any jewel.
Gemstones, no mater how precious and faceted, paled in comparison and
were happily sidestepped as her romance with glass took hold. Andi’s
combined love of color, process and modern simplicity come together in
this collection. Each and every retimade piece is made to order and
created with great love and patience one at a time.

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